A Close-Up of Diane’s Quilt

English Paper Piecing at the Central Library

An Embellished Button Up Shirt for Phong

Lace on a Wall Hanging

English Paper Piecing on Orcas Island

English Paper Piecing

Arielle in Her Embellished Hoodie

English Paper Piecing at My Home Studio

Hand Quilting & English Paper Piecing on Carl’s Quilt

Working on an Embellished Hoodie

Aysha in Her Embellished Owl Hoodie

English Paper Piecing at a Park

Smiling with the Finished Product – Diane’s Quilt

Design Ideas for Season’s Embellished Shirt

The Back of Diane’s Quilt – A Hand Quilted Wholecloth Quilt

Progress on Diane’s Quilt at a Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Retreat

Fabric & Scissors

Appliquéing Hexagons on the Front Porch with Iced Tea & Podcasts

Sewing on the Juki at Home

Refresh Quilt at QuiltCon 2015

English Paper Piecing at a Park

English Paper Piecing on the Front Porch

Hand Quilting Close-Up on Diane’s Quilt

Sketches of Quilt Designs

English Paper Pieced Design on a Cutting Mat

Large & Small Gingher Fabric Scissors

Needle Turn Appliqué on the Origami Baby Quilt

Embellished Hoodie in Front of a Firehouse

English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing

Outdoor Sewing – A Jar for Scraps & Gingher Fabric Scissors

Getting Ready to Baste English Paper Pieced Hexagons in a Hotel Room

Progress on a Wall Hanging

My Juki Sewing Machine

Progress on a Section of Diane’s Quilt at a Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Retreat

Teaching Emnet to Sew at the Young Women Empowered Fashion Camp

Getting a Tattoo of My First Singer Sewing Machine

Piecing on the Juki

Sketchbooks for Capturing Ideas

Origami Baby Quilt Progress in My Home Studio

Carl’s Quilt

Shopping at the Pacific Fabrics in SODO

English Paper Piecing

Pins & Gingher Fabric Scissors

Work In Progress on Diane’s Quilt & Two Wall Hangings

A Hand Quilted Section of Diane’s Quilt

The Backside of a Section of Diane’s Quilt

Happy Dev in Her Embellished Hoodie

Checking out the Bulls at the Ellensburg Rodeo in an Embellished Hoodie

Creating a Custom Paper Piecing Design

Choosing a Binding Color for the Origami Baby Quilt

Diane’s Quilt & Pillowcases

An English Paper Piecing Design

The Refresh Quilt in Progress

Back of an Embellished Hoodie in Rainy Seattle

English Paper Piecing Supplies & Coffee

Arielle Wearing Her Embellished Hoodie

My Home Studio & Inspiration Wall

Trimming the Excess Batting from Carl’s Quilt

Ironing Fabric at My Home Studio

Arielle’s Hoodie

In Progress Sketch of Jack & Mary’s Wall Hanging

Teaching at the Young Women Empowered Fashion Camp

Light on the Refresh Quilt

Holly & Mike’s Wedding Quilt

English Paper Piecing in Progress

Appliquéing at the Pier

English Paper Piecing

Hand Quilting Diane’s Quilt

Back of Arielle’s Hoodie

Diane’s Quilt in Progress

Dev’s Birdcage Hoodie

Close-Up of Carl’s Quilt

Happy Recipients of the Origami Baby Quilt

English Paper Piecing & Hand Quilting

English Paper Piecing on the Back of a T-Shirt

A Sketch for Jack & Mary’s Wall Hanging

Hand Binding the Origami Baby Quilt

Origami Baby Quilt in Progress

Working on Diane’s Quilt

Hand Binding Carl’s Quilt

Sewing Outdoors with Iggy at Cascade Lake on Orcas Island

Tsige’s Dress

Back of Refresh Quilt

In Front of the Refresh Quilt with Friends

A Portable English Paper Piecing Kit

Diane’s Quilt & Pillowcases